Balloon Flower at Tom's Thumb Nursery in Galveston, Texas


The Balloon flower is a native of the Russian Far East, China, Japan, and Korea. This flower has quickly become a garden sensation in the United States. The name balloon flower comes from the puffy, balloon-like buds that burst open into starry blossoms.

Where To Plant

The balloon flower is the perfect plant for a sunny border garden, growing in clumps that fill in densely, often reaching over two feet in height.
It thrives in good, loamy soil that’s well-drained and moderately moist. Balloon flowers require full sun to part shade. These flowers originate from seeds or purchased plants alike.

Why Balloon Flowers?

Balloon flowers are perennial plants, which means they come back year after year. The balloon flower is a great choice for gardening with children (adults too!) because it’s easy to grow, comes back year after year, and the inflated buds never cease to delight.

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