Drift Roses are a cross between a ground cover rose and a miniature rose-bush. Because of this, they are very compact and will only be about 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide. They are bred to stay manageable in size, and they will bloom from spring to winter with ease.

You want to give your Drift Roses plenty of sunlight and water. The soil should be well-drained and moist. Therefore, you can apply a layer or two of mulch to help keep in the moisture and control weeds. You should also use a slow-release fertilizer when you first plant your Drift Roses. This will help them get established, and then you can fertilize them again twice a year to ensure a beautiful bloom.

You can learn more about how to take care of your Drift Roses here: https://www.plantingtree.com/blogs/gardening/drift-roses-colors-care-and-landscape-ideas

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