Also known as harmony balls and dream balls, made by Balinese silversmiths. The Gamelan balls are handmade decorative balls made of sterling silver.

They have chimes inside that make a delicate sound and are fun to play with. Since they are handmade, each ball is unique, makes a delicate sound and no two will sound the same.

Harmony balls are also use in meditation and are excellent for relaxation and stress reduction. They are worn to remind you to take a deep breath and relax each time you hear the enchanting sounds of the little bell. Shake gently and feel all your tensions go.

In Bali, a pregnant women wears the Gamelan Ball during pregnancy. They believe the baby is able to hear the sound and make them calm and relax.

The Harmony Ball is a perfect gift. We have a wide range collection of harmony ball, that can be used as a pendant, ring, earrings, bracelet, key chain and mobile phone hangar.

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