Ivy plants are superb climbers, clinging to almost any surface by means of small roots that grow along the stems. They can be a beautiful source of greenery indoors, or they can flourish in a shady area outdoors. No matter where you have them, you’ll love the elegance that an Ivy brings to your house.

You want to give them lots of space to grow. They can get as big as 50+ feet! Because these vines grow best when they have plenty of moisture, you want to water them often enough to keep the soil most. However, they can still tolerate dry conditions once established. They don’t usually need fertilizer, but if you think they need a little boost, spray them with a half-strength liquid fertilizer.

You can learn more about how to take care of your Ivy here: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/groundcover/english-ivy/english-ivy-plant-care.htm

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