We carry the best in organic garden care at Tom’s Thumb Nursery. We love Nature’s Creation and what they offer as an alternative. We carry items like:

Nature's Creation Logo
  • Nature’s Creation Root Stimulator – 1 gallon
  • Nature’s Creation Organic Potting Soil with Mycorrhizal Fungus
  • Nature’s Creation Premium Lawn & Garden Fertilizer with Mycorrhizal Fungi 6-1-2
  • Nature’s Creation Premium Lawn & Garden Fertilizer – 6-1-2
  • Nature’s Creation Turf Food with Mycorrhizal Fungi 4-2-2
  • and more!

Find more information about Nature’s Creation.

The experienced Nature’s Creation® team has combined the latest in organic research with traditional materials to offer the environmentally responsible consumer solutions for all their lawn and garden needs.

Today any landscape can have lush beautiful results with safety for kids, pets and our future.

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