May is Here

May is already here, and that means summer is just around the corner! We’ve put together a list of activities to consider for your May gardening.

Midnight Eggplant Variety at Tom's Thumb Nursery
  • Harvest Vegetables & Herbs – Warm-season crops are in their prime this month.  One mistake new gardeners make is to not harvest vegetables at their peak quality.  Left on the plant too long, many will decline in quality.  Eggplant can become tough and bitter; green beans stringy and less tasty; squash and cucumbers become too mature with tough skin and large tough seeds.  If you have mockingbirds, squirrels, and other raiders, it may be wise to pick your tomatoes early and allow them to ripen on the kitchen counter.  
  • Fertilize– Fertilize growing crops with a natural, organic fertilizer that not only promotes healthy plant growth but is also good for your soil. Check out a few of our recommendations below:

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