Vegetables and Herbs  –  Yes, the calendar says Fall even though it still feels like summer!  It is now time for fall-gardening ! Plant warm-season crops – green beans, squash, cucumbers early this month.  Cool season crops also start to go in this month.  Some shade over the rows can protect them from the heat this month as well as keeping the soil moist and applying mulch to the bare soil.  

Perennials & Annuals – We have warm-season flowers for early September planting.  At the end of the month start planting some cool-season color plants.  Stop in and take a look  …. our garden is always blooming!  

Lawns –   Make a fall application of an organic fertilizer in late September.  If your lawn is not dense and sunlight can reach the soil surface, weeds are likely to become a problem.   Cool season weeds start to sprout in late September.  We recommend using Corn Gluten for an organic pre-emergent.  The best way to have a reasonably weed-free lawn is to build a dense turf with proper mowing, watering, fertilizing and adequate sunlight.  If you don’t, you’ll be on a chemical treadmill year after year, fighting weeds.

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