From picking the coconuts to processing the coconuts in our facility in Vietnam, to making all of our products in-house and shipping them to your doorstep, Skinny & Co ensures unrivaled purity. Skinny & Co. products never use synthetic ingredients and scents that most companies start with. We hand manufacture, process and fill everything we do.

100% RAW
Heat and chemicals change the ability of coconut to heal and protect your body by stealing the energy of the raw coconut. Skinny’s patented Cold Press process keeps the fruit whole and intact and maintains its natural health properties.. The ONLY chemical free, additive free, and non acidic coconut oil in the world.

Great for the Body. The amazing properties of Coconut Oil extend beyond nutrition. Our Raw Beauty line combines our 100% RAW coconut oil with therapeutic-grade essential, pure oils to create skincare as nature intended. Raw Beauty will give you everything you need to moisturize, repair, and protect your skin – NATURALLY. All of our raw beauty products contain 5 ingredients or less, Chemical Free, and contain 100% virgin Skinny coconut oil.

We believe this and have built our products to support your journey to a more natural, healthy lifestyle you believe in. Inside and out, Healthy is Beautiful.

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