Succulents In the Garden

There are many ways to incorporate succulents into your Galveston landscape. You don’t have to have the century plant that gets so large; smaller agaves are often quite colorful and interesting. In addition, plants like Manfreda or Hesperaloe (often called red yucca). You can also plant blooming, perennial succulents like Delosperma or Bulbine. Be careful of the groundcover succulents, as they aren’t always sturdy enough for our heat/humidity.

Red Yucca in landscape

In Planters

Succulent Table

Succulents are a favorite plant for beachside planters. There are numerous varieties that can withstand the constant barrage of salt. Consider using Use cylindrical sansevieria for an upright plant in your planter. Ice-plants will grown in a downward trail to give a fullness to your planter. Finally, planting a dwarf crown-of-thorns to bloom at the mid-level will give your planter it’s finishing touch.

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